Industry Leading Tapes & Membranes for Superior Air and Weather Sealing

                                                                                                      SIGA Majrex Smart Vapor Control Membrane
Majrex is a directional, variable, vapor control layer to be used on the interior. Using SIGA patented Hygrobrid® Technology, Majrex will dry out any moisture trapped in your wall cavity without letting any moisture back in. 

SIGA Wigluv 60 Exterior Airsealing Tape
This single-sided high-performance adhesive tape, is the optimum solution for permanent windtight sealing of exterior membranes and facade membranes, for overlaps, penetrations and bonds on the exterior. It even sticks down to 14° F!

SIGA Fentrim Exterior Airsealing and Flashing Tape
With even more adhesion strength than the Wigluv tape, this tape will stick to most substrates and building materials; it will even stick to porous and rough substrates – like concrete and OSB – without the need for a primer!

SIGA Fentrim IS20 Exterior Pre-Folded Tape for Window Installation
Fentrim IS 20 is pre-folded, making application efficient.  Like all Fentrim tapes, it has a felt-like texture, making application easy on the hands.

SIGA Rissan 60 Interior Airsealing Tape
Circular penetrations on the inside, such as pipes or cables, can be easily, quickly and reliably sealed with the single-sided high-performance adhesive tape Rissan 60 to make them airtight.

SIGA Fentrim IS2 Exterior Pre-Folded Tape for Window Installation
Fentrim IS 2 is the complete window and door sill-flashing tape you’ve been waiting for. Fentrim IS 2 comes pre-folded, making application between sill and window easy and efficient.

SIGA Majvest Exterior Membrane
The sturdy membrane Majvest provides for permanently weathertight exterior facades. SIGA-Majvest is highly tearproof and flexible, so it is easy and safe to lay. It has a high permeability to protect from condensation build-up. 

SIGA Twinet Double-Sided Tape
This double-sided adhesive tape is extremely adhesive on both sides making for quick and safe installation of interior and exterior membranes without staples or other penetrations from fasteners.


Improve home building and energy retrofits with SIGA Tape
high quality air sealing products for residential and commercial projects.

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