SIGA Fentrim IS 2 (100mm)


Meet the newest addition to the SIGA family. Fentrim IS 2 is the window and door sill-flashing tape of the future.

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Fentrim IS 2 (100mm)

Meet the newest addition to the SIGA family. Fentrim IS 2 is the complete window and door sill-flashing tape you’ve been waiting for.

With more adhesive and adhesion strength than the Wigluv tape, this tape will stick to most substrates and building materials; it will even stick to porous and rough substrates – like concrete and OSB – without the need for a primer!

IS 2 has a slight perm rating, making it breathable so as to prevent condensation buildup, rot and mold.

The black, single-sided, high-performance acrylic adhesive tape is the optimal solution for permanent windtight and driving-rain proof sealing of window and door frames in solid construction on the outside. Is has a felt-like texture, making application easy on the hands; this feature also aids in creating a seamless air and water barrier when applied to itself or WRB’s like Majvest.

Fentrim IS 2 comes pre-folded, making application between sill and window easy and efficient. Available folded in the size 75mm  (15/60mm), as well as 100mm (15/85mm).

For a non pre-folded version of this tape, try Fentrim F.


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Single Roll, Case – 6 Rolls


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